Please read the following from one of our CSTA Alabama chapter members:

"My name is Jill Westerlund, and I am a doctoral student at the University of Alabama. We are conducting a research study about the challenges and needs in computer science education and invite you to participate. This research seeks to advance teacher support by identifying areas of interest including within regions and states."
"If you choose to participate, you will complete an online survey in Qualtrics. The survey will take about 15 minutes. You are free to opt out or stop at any time.

To participate in the survey, you must:

  1. be at least 18 years old,
  2. be a computer science teacher, or
  3. integrate computer science in your content area(s)

All responses and identifying information will remain anonymous. Group results will be publicly available to the computer science community. Participants and non-participants may benefit from the results of the study. The University of Alabama Institutional Review Board has approved this research study.

If you are willing to participate, please click the link to begin >>> PULSE-CS-K12 Survey

Thank you in advance for your participation of the work to inform stakeholders and improve computer science education. If you have questions about the study, please contact the investigator, Jill Westerlund at If you have questions about your rights as a participant in a research study, would like to make suggestions or file complaints and concerns about the research study, please contact: Ms. Tanta Myles, the University of Alabama Research Compliance Officer at (205)-348-8461 or toll-free at 1-877-820-3066. You may also ask questions, make suggestions, or file complaints and concerns through the IRB Outreach Website at You may email the Office for Research Compliance at"