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About CSTA Alabama

The Alabama Chapter of CSTA is a state-wide chapter of CSTA for Alabama teachers. This chapter was built to connect you with other computer science teachers, provide professional development to help you improve your craft, and connect your local voice to the national computer science education community.

Your CSTA Alabama Leadership Team

Chapter President - Shanna Hays; Chapter Vice-President - Jamie McClung; Chapter Secretary - Taylor Morton; Chapter High School Representative - Blake Cook; Chapter Middle School Representative - Krista Baker; Chapter Elementary School Representative - Amy Fowler; Chapter Higher Ed Rep - Jeff Gray; Chapter Advisor - Carol Yarbrough; Chapter Social Media Manager - Mary Elizabeth Sammis

About CSTA

The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) understands that teaching computer science is hard. That’s why our dedicated team and teacher-led board of directors is focused on creating a strong environment to support K–12 educators.

We’re proud to have created a community that:

  • Is led by K-12 computer science teachers, and puts teacher needs at the forefront

  • Shares the latest best practices in K-12 computer science education

  • Creates local communities across the US + Canada that make sure every computer science teacher has a home.

  • Builds the largest teacher-led computer science professional development event in the world each year!

  • Provides access to exclusive discounts on courses and tools that will take your teaching practice to the next level.

You might be the only computer science teacher in your school, district or town, but as a part of CSTA, we’re in this together.

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